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We offer high-quality study tours that integrate the study of the physical, historical, cultural, and spiritual settings of the world of the Bible with the biblical text. In our study tours, the biblical lands become your classroom as you experience the Bible where it happened and engage in reading and studying the Bible through the lenses of its world on-site. Our programs are not the typical “tourist” tours where “seeing the sites” serves as the primary goal. We use the land and its sites as a doorway to step into the world of the Bible combining biblical teaching, interactive and integrative learning, spiritual encounter, engaging adventure, and the forming of lifelong connections that provide an unparalleled travel experience. Our study tours offer an opportunity for participants to encounter the Bible and experience their faith like never before.

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Study tours can be created for individuals, groups, or Churches and are taylored to the specific study desired.  Request further information on the art-of-the possible for enriching your spritual understanding through a custom Study Tour.

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Tours already developed often will allow members or others to join. See what tours are currently available to potentially be joined.

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Learn about other resources which can  help enhance your knowledge of the Bible through different perspectives.